LD-52 WATCH - ShopE30
LD-52 WATCH - ShopE30
LD-52 WATCH - ShopE30
LD-52 WATCH - ShopE30


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The LD-52© One-hand is another beautiful yet simple product to come from GuardsRed DesignWe only make what people want and we offer you our LD-52 for pre-order. 


Our LD-52© is one of our three part Rally Homologation Series of watches. Inspired by the Lancia Delta Integrale, which dominated the World Rally Championship in the 1980s and early 1990s. Each watch has been crafted with time and care to produce such a stunning piece. With a luminous face and retro gamer look it has captured the quintessential look of the era.

The LD-52© name is in part our 'thank you' to our good friends at fifteen52.com whom have played a crucial role in the development and design process of this fantastic watch. Contact the guys at fifteen52.com for some epic wheel design. 


The watch face is broken into large hour and medium 10-minute intervals. The singular hand of the watch is used to tell the hour and approximate minute. For example, the shown model is set to 10.30.

0 = 12.00

10 = 1.00

20 = 2.00