Refund Policy

Refund Policy:

We provide replacements in cases where  product is damaged/used/broken and/or incorrect. Replacements are provided to items that are damaged with photo proof. Unwanted returns are not applicable ( i.e. if you simply do not like it or decide to return it after purchase)


We only issue a refund or store credit if you purchase a product that is sold out and we capture payment or we are unable to send you a replacement. We do not issue any gift cards or gift receipts. 

Any product that is purchased by non trackable shipping is your responsibility.


If we fulfill orders and you are unable to receive the order and you do not contact your post office. We DO NOT REFUND.

Refunds are not applicable if your package shows delivered and you claim you did not receive it, we do not issue a refund. 

ShopE30 does not claim any responsibility towards packages which do not have a tracking number/ tracking non-applicable to location ( as destinations like Middle East do not update tracking).

Under no circumstance will we refund an item if you claim that it did not arrive/long shipping period if it does not have tracking.

Once you agree to order, you automatically agree on the refund policy and forfeit your right to open disputes both with PayPal and the Payment Gateways.