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///Cross Shift Boots

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 These amazing quality shift boots are an amazing addition to any Bimmer They represent the Iconic Fabric Designs used through out the years or PU leather or Alcantara. Hand Made in the USA and they come with both the e-brake boot and the shift boot, unlike the rest. All you have to do to order is  add your car model in the notes section of order: E30,E36,E46,E9x,E21,E39,etc.. if you don’t it you will receive an E30 boot set

 Colored Stitching is available free of charge all you have to do is add it in the notes section.

Cross stitching is also available. Select it as an option from the list above in addition to your shift boot. 

 *Shift Knobs, Short Shifters do not ship in same package as shift boots

These are handmade and take a minimum of two weeks to get sent out depending on demand. Covid has increased this time significantly