Iconic Is an Understatement

@e30m3_aure’s   M3 truly deserves the title “Iconic is an Understatement”. We have all seen the photos of this dope E30 M3 float around Instagram. It’s mint, looks amazing and has some cool add-ons that make it a tad more *insert synonym of amazing here*  :).

Here are the specs of this awesome automotive masterpiece.

  • S14 M Power Engine,
  • 185 hp @rear wheels,
  • Evo2 front lip,
  • Evo2 front bumper brake cooling ducts,
  • Sport evo rear flip,
  • lowtec coilovers,
  • custom rear springs,
  • Eisenmann sport rear exhaust,
  • Supersprint sport center exhaust,
  • Eibach sway bar kit,
  • Powerflex bushings.
  • Cromodora CW10 wheels in the rolling photo.
  • OZ Futura wheels in the sunset photo.

Also don’t forget to check out @e30norway, who snapped these badass pics of the M3.

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