E30Riley Is Building His Dream E30

1987 BMW 325i
What Do You Love About Your E30?
I love the car in it's entirety. I'm designing the car to be exactly how I would have wanted it to come from the factory. The suspension is completely custom. The wheels were specifically chosen. The interior was pieced together and installed by myself. The whole feel and vibe of the car has been modified to my liking. Once it's done I don't think I could ever build a E30 this special again.
How Long Have You Owned It ?
I've owned it for two years.
How Much have you spent on modifications?
I have a number but to sum it up briefly. TOO MUCH
3P Air Lift Performance Staggered Borbet Type B's Garagistic stainless steel break lines Magnaflow exhaust Cardinal Red Interior Factory hardtop French Hella headlights (Amber versions) Euro bumper conversion That's just a few things off the top of my head
Future Plans 
Mtech 1 kit - Full respray in the factory "lachssilber" color - S52 swap - Complete suspension component overhaul - Cardinal Red soft top for the summers